This is a one hour  or two hour interactive workshop, depending on the venue.  We can tailor the workshop for children or adults.

We will perform a couple of songs that we have written and then working with the “kids”, we write a song about the subject of the day and then sing it together.  Fun!

This workshop is also available as a corporate team building workshop.

Collaborative Jam Sessions

Three and Easy (Learn about triple metre)

“LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE TALKING”-Finger Painting Workshop

You are smiling right now, thinking about putting your hands in some paint and moving the paint on some paper.  Bet you haven’t done that since you were a kid?

In this one hour or two hour workshop, depending on the venue, we will first visualize a final painting in your mind.  The theme being what is going on in your life right now.  Then, using our hands, finger paint and paper, you will create the painting from your mind, choosing matching and mixing colors for your visualization.  As a group, we will discuss the process, the possible meanings of the colours used and how we can look at the painting as a reflection of our emotions.  If you wish to share the experience that you have just painted with the group, that would be great.  If you wish to keep it to yourself, that is ok too.  Either way, you will be rewarded with self discovery.

Please wear suitable clothing as we will be working with paint.  Things could get creatively messy!

By trying different strategies to your life, you will be surprised by what different results you can produce.

This workshop is also available as a corporate team building workshop.